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Fly away; free yourself in the truths of the light of The Holy Father! The truths expand your hearts ability for knowingness; through sacred acts of kindness to yourself and others. That is the grace, power, and authority of the truths. Kinder words have not been spoken. Thank you Barbara for spreading the love. YES, water is definitely a key to opening up spiritually and integrating the New Earth energies.

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Water is an exceptional conductor of the vibrational energies. Remember, you are mostly water too! We are Ancient Mariners; masters of the energies. Humanity has greatly misinterpreted poorly transcribed mythological writings, doctrines, and other forms of conveyments; conveyed materials.

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Call upon me, THE Emmanuel's Wife, to assist you with releasing and letting go using butterflies; for which I am known. Everything will be MUCH less painful. Love, love, love the hand motions Barbara, when describing the energies swirling and spreading from within. They were around your sacred heart space. They will be never-ending. Thanks barb. I'm so excited for this month in special and i don't really know why.

Appart from a concert I'm expecting to go. I've been meditating, which makes sense with the conection with the unseen. I've been making new friends since august so i don't know if I'll have even more new friends, would be funny to have more new connections in my career.

But god if the full moon will bring love i hope so he comes fast Just subscribed.. I don't know what took me so long but am a faithful fan of yours!! I love our Pleaidian buddies. Watching for 4th Time. U r such Inspiration. U r Libra like My Mom. I AM Gemini. Thank You for Your Service. Love V.

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Barbara thank you for this! I am already feeling the energies of the full moon early this always happens to me and this energy you describe is spot on! Love you! A warm bath is mother earth's way of giving you a loving hug when you can't get a physical hug from another person. Honestly being around and in water is so healing, and I find I think the most clearly when I'm on a boat on a large body of water. I can literally tune into my higher self when I'm on a boat and I always get accurate answers emidaitley to my questions, it's beautiful.

Very nice seeing a video with this validation. Thank you so much for all the guidance, hints, precious information to make use in a practical way. Many times I take notes, follow the guidance, look at my chart to find what you mention and work on it on my own level. Many of your hints are simple and easy to follow anyway such as the ones about stepping in the future self and intentions. Watching your videos is a priority to me. I cannot go without them, literally. God Bless you Barbara, you hard work is well received and well appreciated, we all Love you!!

You are wonderful and so brave. I know exactly the emotional problems involved!

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OMG just delightful!!! It is harvest time in for you Libra. Read your full horoscope Libra, click here. This year you see the results of your hard work and focus. Read your full horoscope Scorpio, click here.


The year is a very good year to invest. Read your full horoscope Sagittarius, click here. You can make major changes to your physical appearance in Read your full horoscope Capricorn, click here. You seem to be in the final phase of turning from a caterpillar into a butterfly. Read your full horoscope Aquarius, click here. New people, new dreams and new creativity.

Read your full horoscope Pisces, click here. Barbara, Psychic Medium and Trancemedium readings. Aries, don't let the sadness and pain you are feeling right now ruin something that is important for you. You have to overcome these feelings and not let them tear you apart or make you turn bitter. Taurus, you have to cooperate. For you to have the potential to grow in life, you cannot always have everything go your way. Life is a give and take, so you have to compromise. Gemini, you are so loyal. You have to make a decision but you are torn between all of your feelings.

Don't worry, the things you are contemplating are going to happen no matter what, so just follow your heart. Cancer, you need to stop and not force issues.

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You cannot control other people, but you can control yourself. So, once you realize this, you will feel a lot lighter. Leo, changes are imminent in your life. You are going to see that one door is coming to a close and another is going to open. Be excited, the future is bright for you. Virgo, you are going to find pleasure in new things. So be excited for what's to come because you are going to have some awesome experiences.

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