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Surprising qualities of your zodiac sign that you don't already know PopSugar. Since intellectual Mercury has been retrograde for the past few weeks, you have known that changes are in store but not necessarily the shape they would take. Embrace your creative vision when the moon is in detail-oriented Virgo on Tuesday and Wednesday. But Saturday is your best day of the week when an important new person comes into your life. An important work strategy is coming into focus this week, Gemini.

Your ruler, clever Mercury, has been retrograde for the past few weeks, encouraging you to step back and reassess things. And you will have a whole new lease on life after Mercury goes direct Monday. It's still best to be cautious and not shout your plans from the rooftops, but things are falling into place. Especially on Saturday, when a work situation goes from good to better. Opportunities now are very lucrative, so sharpen your skills and make a plan of attack. This is an important week, especially for your relationships.

If things have been haywire recently with work allies or romantic interests, you can expect the fog to clear after Monday when verbal Mercury finally goes direct in your zone of partnerships. If you have seen some less-than-stellar behavior, it may be time to cut the cord, especially since a better relationship is just around the corner.

Alliances formed now are very important, especially around Saturday. Be open to someone blowing your mind!

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Work changes are happening now and they may have a big impact. Things have been up in the air for the past few weeks, thanks to verbal Mercury in retrograde, but Mercury goes direct Monday and will help you see the big picture. This week is a great time to set a new routine or schedule that works for you, and distance yourself from a toxic relationship with a coworker. The moon is in your sign Sunday and Monday, which brings you extra energy and momentum.

Make a wise financial decision Saturday when you can turn lemons into lemonade. Things will become more clear after Monday when Mercury goes direct. The career dreams you desire are yours this year, and your rise to the top of the aquarium is inevitable. Jupiter in Sagittarius manifests optimistic intentions and strategies for success.

Pair up with friends whose work ethic inspires you, and together your collaborative resonance will make more happen for you than you ever thought possible.

Type keyword s to search. By Colin Bedell. Prosperity in education and travel. Strive for career and discipline. Prosperity in intimacy and transformation. Strive for self-improvement and education. Prosperity in romance and partnerships. Strive for intimacy and desire.

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Prosperity in health and work. Strive for love and commitment. Prosperity in confidence and creativity. Strive for mental health and nutrition. Prosperity in home and emotionality. Strive for joy and worthiness.

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Prosperity in positive thinking and socialization. Strive for emotional safety and family.

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Prosperity in finances and security. Strive for communication and critical thinking. Prosperity in identity and worthiness. Strive for financial security and values. Prosperity in spirituality and closure.

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Strive for personal growth and authenticity. Prosperity in friendships and community. Strive for spirituality and surrender. Prosperity in career and responsibilities.