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MOON SIGNS: Part 2 (Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces)

This year family life will be good for you. Transit of Rahu over 4th house may make you live away from the home for some time due to your job. Many Journeys in this year with your family members. You may also get an opportunity to go abroad and work there for some time. Saturn aspect on 7th house main give some health problems to your life partner but has Jupiter is supportive those health problems will be cured in a short time.

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Those who are waiting for marriage or childbirth they will get the desired result in this year. Jupiter's favourable transit will make you more successful and luckiest person. Financially you will have a good time but at the same time aspect of Saturn over 12th house may give you much expenditure. You may also purchase a vehicle or property in the first half of this year.

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Your investments will give good Returns. Try to avoid investments after November has Jupiter's transit over 10th House may not give the desired result in financial Investments. This year you will have good health has checked of Jupiter over the first house in give good health and happiness. There might be minor health issues due to the aspect of Saturn over 12th house and transit of Rahu or 4th house.

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You may suffer from health issues like gastric troubles Spondylitis and lack of proper sleep. As you are having the aspect of Jupiter over the 1st house you may get recovered from health issues in a short period. This year students will have a very good time.

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They may get success in their exams as Jupiter's favourable aspect will give them better results with less effort. If they are planning to study in Abroad, they will get better opportunities in this year. The aspect of Jupiter over the 5th house will give unexpected success to unemployed youth who are writing competitive exam. In this year you may need to perform remedies to Rahu as the transit of Rahu over the fourth house may give hurdles and mental stress. You may also perform Rahu Pooja frequently to overcome this problem. Our Services.

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If you will put efforts in this direction you are likely to get results as well. Your love life will become favorable. Third week shall be comparatively more favorable for you. There are chances of having opportunities for promotion for people in job. Unemployed may get the good news of being selected for a job from a firm or institution.

You may accomplish an important task with the support of your siblings and well-wishers.

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You may plan for an auspicious occasion at home. Last week shall be equally favorable like the last week for you. You will have more energy and enthusiasm at the same time you will have all the support that you require from the lady luck which will help you to get through some stuck or pending tasks. There are chances of increase in income for you. There are chances of recovering some bad debts.

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